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The Spectrum Oil Storage System is designed to easily and effectively identify, transfer, store and dispense lubricants. It is an economical way to save space on a plant floor, while keeping lubricants organized and contaminant free.

The Spectrum Oil Storage System also eliminates the potential for mess and mishandling by keeping each fluid clearly identified with Trico’s exclusive color-coded tags and labels, part of the Spectrum Visual Lubrication Management line of products. Each label features a space to identify the specific substance contained within each tank, ensuring the right lubricant is delivered to the right equipment every time.

The Spectrum Oil Storage System is ideal for any plant size as it is flexible to constricted space requirements. It is available in four basic configurations – 4, 6, 8, and 12 units to meet various bulk storage needs. The Spectrum Oil Storage System provides centralized oil storage and dispensing. The 65-gallon capacity also eliminates the cost of wasted space, time, labor, and unnecessary equipment purchases required when using 55-gallon drums.

There are several add-ons to further boost the Spectrum Oil Storage System including; a spill containment kit which exceeds the requirements set by EPA standards, quick disconnect kit, stainless steel tank upgrade for corrosion resistance with water-based fluids and a fire safety compliance kit. The fire safety compliance kit replaces the standard PVC hose, underneath the tanks, with ¾” NPT fittings and a flex steel hose that connects to a fusible link valve with a spring activated handle. If the temperature reaches 166 degree F, the handle is automatically triggered and shuts off any possible leakage of fluid from the tank.

  • Available in four basic, 65 gallon tank configurations – 4, 6, 8, and 12
  • 1-1/2” Polyurethane lines and Polyethylene shutoff valve–standard on all systems
  • Dispensing valves – standard self closing bronze valves with quick coupling adapters for tank filling
  • Single drip tray – contains spillage from valve assemblies while dispensing
  • Motor and pump combination draw less than 14.5 amps allowing the system to be placed on a 15 amp circuit
  • Bronze gear pump – positive displacement and self priming
  • Desiccant breathers – prevent moisture and particulate contamination from entering tanks
  • Optional spill containment – exceeds the requirements set by EPA standards
  • Optional quick disconnect kit – quickly and easily disconnect hose while transferring fluid to system tanks
  • Optional stainless steel tank upgrade – provides corrosion resistance for water-based fluids
  • Optional fire safety compliance kit – to maintain compliance with strict fire safety regulations

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