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Proportional Motorized Pump /Timer with Monitoring has been developed for use on machinery installations where a comparatively small number of points are to be lubricated using light to medium oils at low pressure. The oil is distributed on a purely proportional basis with the amount delivered to each lubrication point depending on the pump output and the flow rate from the restrictor selected.

These electrical control units are for supplying Single Line Proportional systems. They are made in two series, one of which uses a three-phase 70 W electric motor with double polarity; and the other is a single-phase motor with the same features. The gear-driven pump has a capacity of 380cc/min. Operating pressure is 4-5 bars which can be regulated by adjusting the regulating valve. Tanks come in a range of sizes (see table at foot of page) and are made of either thermoplastic or die-cast aluminium. The units are equipped with an electric minimum level switch.

Proportional Motorized Pump /Timer with Monitoring is equipped with a motorised unit and a number of single line meter valves. There is no limit to the number of meter valves since either series can deliver up to 380cc./min. It needs a timer control system which provides for a pause time and a working time, adjusted to suit the desired flow from the meter valves being used. The lubrication cycles are repetitive, alternating with rest periods.

  • Four L.E.D. Indicators monitoring system condition.
  • Control Timer will give a Lubrication Cycle on initial Switch ‘On’ and will repeat at the preset intervals.
  • Reservoir Oil Levels and System Oil Pressure are continuously monitored and confirmed by Visual Indicators.
  • Voltage Free’ connections for Remote Alarms and the facility to Stop the machine are also provided.
  • Motor Rating: 70 Watt Intermittent
  • Pump Lubricant Output: 360 cc/min
  • Delivery Pressure: 6 bar
  • Interval Range: variable 2 min to 8 hours
  • Pumping Range: variable 0 to 60 seconds
  • Complete with Low Level & Line Pressure Switches, Manual Override Button.

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