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OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS WITH SOLENOID VALVE are used in heavy-duty applications where more oil capacity is needed and the ability to adjust the flow rate is important.

OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS WITH SOLENOID VALVE devices used in applications that require a large much oil and need for precise control/adjustment flow lubricate

OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS WITH SOLENOID VALVE can be used as oil reservoirs, oil Level or used as containers in central lubrication systems.

OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS WITH SOLENOID VALVE can be assembled in new machines and equipment requiring upgrading.


  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS has comfortable LARGE oil filler
  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS is the single point lubricator
  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS has manual control ON / OFF
  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS has tanks capacities ranging from 15 ml to 3000 ml
  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS is available with BSP or NPT thread
  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS is available has a diameter of 1/4″
  • OIL RESERVOIR GRS/PRS can be equipped a low level sensor of 900ml
  • Max. Operating Temp: GRS– 80°C
  • Max. Operating Temp: PRS– 70°C
  • Oil Reservoir: GRS– Glass
  • Oil Reservoir: PRS– Plexiglass
  • Oil Sight: GRS– Glass
  • Oil Sight: PRS– Plexiglass
  • Gasket: Fibre & Nitrile 80
  • Material: Brass
  • Finish: Nickiel
  • Additional: Low level sensor
  • Voltage: 12V DC, 24V DC, 24V AC, 110V 50Hz, 230V 50Hz, 415V 50Hz

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