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The MD-1200 MICRO-DROP dispenser provides a cost effective solution when flood cooling is impractical or unavailable.

When used in milling, tapping, and sawing applications, the MD-1200 MICRO-DROP dispenses small amounts of Micro-Drop Synthetic or Vegetable based lubricant. Compared to flood cooling, there is no coolant sump to maintain or used coolant to dispose of.

Solenoid versions of MD-1200 MICRO-DROP allow these units to be interfaced with CNC controls or other signaling devices. The pressurized delivery system of the MD-1200 MICRO-DROP, provides instant on/off performance when used with the solenoid control.

The MD-1200 MICRO-DROP dispenser should not be used with a water-soluble coolant. These types of fluids will damage and clog system components. Trico offers a line of lubricants that is ideal for use with the MD-1200 MICRO-DROP dispenser; MD-1 Micro-Drop Vegetable and MD-7 Micro-Drop Synthetic Lubricant.

  • Simple easy-to-use controls
  • No confusing timer to set
  • Relative liquid scale allows repeatable set-ups and saves time in adjusting flow rates for different applications
  • Typical applications use 28ml (1 oz.) of lubricant in an 8-hour shift
  • Positive pressure design gives instant fluid delivery for faster cycle times
  • The anti-siphon valves permit the nozzle to be mounted in any position
  • Independent controls allow for maximum flexibility in adjusting liquid and air flow for each nozzle
  • High energy nozzle design eliminates fogging for cleaner environment and greater chip clearing power, allowing faster speed and feeds
  • System Type: Pressure Delivery, Non-Cyclic
  • Delivery Lines: 1,8m (6 ft.) Polyurethane
  • Nozzles: 45cm (18″) Loc-Line or 33cm (13″) Copper
  • Liquid Flow Range: 2-16 Drops/Minute
  • Liquid Viscosity: 20-200 SUS
  • Inlet Air Pressure: 4-8,5bar (60-125 PSI)
  • Air Filter: Recommended 40 Micron
  • Air Consumption: 1.7 CFM/Line
  • Air Inlet Fitting: 1/4″ NPT
  • Solenoid Voltage: 120V 60Hz
  • Reservoir Capacity: 450ml (16 oz.)
  • Dimensions: 18cm (7.06″) H x 25cm (10.09″) W x 18cm (7.06″) D

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