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Gravity Feed Oiler TRICO KG are designed for heavy-duty, high temperature lubricating applications. The rate of oil feed is adjustable and a lock ring maintains the setting. In bearing or gear lubrication, the KG Oilers provide dependable lubrication in the most demanding environments.

A range of gravity and forced feed oilers for lubricating single or multiple points and for use in conjunction with brushes to lubricate conveyor chains. Reservoirs are available in plexiglas or glass and range in capacity from 14 cc to 3 litres. Solenoid operation and timers are optional.

Gravity Feed Oiler TRICO KG are used in applications which require a large amount of oil to precise lubrication. Gravity Grease used to lubricate the bearings, rollers, single points, gears, chains and other devices lubricated with liquid lubricants.

Gravity Feed Oiler TRICO KG can be freely set and adjust the oil flow depending on your needs. Number of lubricant flowing easily set, which gives great versatility of this type of lubrication systems. Using this type of equipment is an easy and inexpensive way to create a powerful central lubrication systems.

Gravity Feed Oiler TRICO KG can be assembled in new machines and equipment that require upgrading. Using this type of lubrication systems you may avoid bad lubrication or lubricate moving parts, which brings substantial energy savings, time, and helps preserve the environment.


  • Single point Gravity Feed Oiler
  • Three position toggle switch provides easy to use on-off control, and a flushing option to avoid dry start-ups
  • Heavy wall glass reservoirs and sight chambers
  • Reservoir capacities: 30 ml (1oz.) do 285 ml (10oz.)
  • Mounting threads: 1/8″, 1/4″, 3/8″ BSP or NPT
  • Leak proof design
  • Nickel plating offers superior corrosion resistance
  • Vented sight chamber ensures proper operation when used with tight or high speed bearings
  • Max. Operating Temp.: 120°C (250ºF)
  • Reservoir: Heavy Wall Heat Resistant Glass
  • Oil Sight: Heavy Wall Heat Resistant Glass
  • Gaskets: Buna-N
  • Materials: Heavy Gauge Steel
  • Finish: Bright Nickel Plate
  • Needle Valve: Steel

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