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Trico is pleased to introduce the new and improved Ferrogram Maker FM-6. The Ferrogram Maker FM-6 dual slide maker is used in the first step in Analytical Ferrography. For greater productivity, the Ferrogram Maker FM-6 is designed with two independent stations allowing two samples to be prepared concurrently.

Each station includes a holder which accurately positions a slide at slight incline over a new improved, powerful magnet, allowing particles to deposit from largest to smallest on a Ferrogram. This deposition pattern provides good resolution of large and small particles which facilitates a diagnosis of potential wear problems. Ferrogram preparation can be done automatically, semi-automatically, or manually at the operator’s option. In the automatic mode, the sample is deposited on the Ferrogram at a carefully controlled rate. At the end of the sample deposition cycle, the wash cycle is automatically initiated, and an audio and visual signal indicates completion of the Ferrogram. The semi-automatic and manual modes provide flexibility and further operator control to perform unusual samples.

The newly, redesigned Ferrogram Maker FM-6 features an interactive 7″ LCD touch screen, and USB and Ethernet port so you can easily plug in a keyboard, mouse, access useful reports on the web and connect it to our other Ferrography instruments like the newly redesigned Direct Reading Ferrograph DR-7 and the Ferroscope FS-6.

  • Automatic operation releases labor for other tasks
  • Simultaneously produces two Ferrograms in less than 20 minutes
  • Ferrograms are transparent, allowing differentiation of metallic, organic, and non-metallic particles, for easy diagnosis
  • Particles are sorted by magnetic susceptibility and size enabling quick interpretation
  • Very little particle stacking occurs ensuring observation of important particles, critical to machine condition
  • 7″ LCD display with a more modern look and feel
  • New design includes a smaller footprint
  • USB and Ethernet connections
  • Dimentions: Length: 407mm (16″) L x 356mm (14″) W x 381mm (15″) W
  • Weight: 12,3 kg (27 lbs.)
  • Power: 100-240 V 50/60 HZ
  • Comm-Port: 4 x USB “A”
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Memory: 16 GB Flash
  • Ethernet Connection: RJ45 cat 5
  • RAM: 2.00 Gb DDR2
  • Processor: Intel Atom 1.60 Ghz

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