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Constant Level Lubricators with Low Level Safety Switches automatically maintain a fixed liquid level in a bearing housing or gear box using the liquid seal principle. This lubricator features a low level safety switch that can be used to actuate warning devices or shut off a machine when lubricant levels become too low. There is also a large sight for viewing the liquid level and condition. The lubricator can be used on sleeve bearings, anti-friction bearings, gear boxes, pump housings, ventilating fans and blowers, moistening pads, and any other application demanding the maintenance of a constant liquid level.

Constant Level Lubricators with Low Level Safety Switches feature a unique, mess-free design that allows the reservoir to be easily refilled through a top filler cap. A shutoff valve holds the liquid in the reservoir when the filler cap is removed. The lubricator resumes normal functioning after the cap is screwed down again. It is important that the filler cap is screwed down tightly to ensure proper operation.

One piece glass reservoir ensures proper constant level function. Compared to competitive models, there is no possibility of air leakage that would cause overfilling of the bearing housing

Level Safety Switches allows control oil level in machine

Multiple air vent slots provide for proper functioning at all times

Large surge chambers helps prevent overflow of oil during machine start-up or shut-down

  • Max. Operating Temp.: Acrylic 70ºC (160ºF)
  • Body: Cast Aluminum
  • Reservoir: Acrylic
  • Reservoir capacity: 1,8l – 3,7 l
  • O-Ring: Buna-N
  • Conections: 1/2″ NPT
  • Air vent: 1/8″ NPT

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