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GREYFIN Company – represents the British companies ADAMS LubeTech Limited Coventry, INTERLUBE Systems Limited Plymouth and American company TRICO Corporation Pewaukee, WI. We represent these companies on the Polish and East European market. We offer newest lubrication systems and full advice on lubrication techniques. Our products due to the highest quality are considered as the best in their category.

In our offer you would find:

  • Constant Level Oilers ADAMS ACL with glass and plastic reservoirs
  • Constant Level Oilers TRICO OPTO-MATIC® with glass and acryl reservoirs
  • Constant Level Oilers TRICO WATCHDOG®
  • Brass DENCO Constant Level Oiler with glass reservoirs
  • Closed Constant Level Oilers TRICO OPTO-MATIC®
  • Laser installator TRICO OPTO Laser Level® for Constant Level Oilers
  • Automatic Lubricators elektro-chemical and elektro-mechanical STREAMLINER®
  • Minimal lubrication TRICO MICRO-DROP® oraz SPRAYMASTER®
  • Lubricant Aplikators TRICO EVEN-FLO® i EVER-LAST®
  • Lubricant Aplikators ROTALUBE®
  • Dreep feed lubricators: wick feed, drip feed, chain oilers, multi-outlet, solenoid
  • Central Lubrication Systems TRICO, ADAMS and INTERLUBE
  • ATEX Certified Central Lubrication Systems
  • Lab Instrumentation TRICO Ferrograph, Ferroscope
  • Metalworking TRICO DL, DL Magnum, Spraymaster, Mistmatic itd.
  • Storage, Handling & Identification Systems – Trico SPECTRUM®
  • Oil Windows: drive in, round, flat, domed, with reflector
  • Oil Levels with Locknut, Banjo and Vertical (also Steinless Steel)
  • Oil Cups, Single- and Multi-Drip Feeds
  • Grease Guns, Oil Cans & Funnels
  • And every possible accessories for our products

  • Products of ADAMS LubeTech Limited

    Products of ADAMS LubeTech Limited

    Adams LubeTech Ltd. has an unrivalled reputation as a manufacturer of single point Lubricatiors and Oilers and Centralized Systems, exporting to many countries throughout the world, now also to Central and Eastern Europa.

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  • Products of TRICO Corporation

    Products of TRICO Corporation

    TRICO oferuje pełen zakres usług zarządzania smarowaniem i tworzy produkty, które sprawiają, że maszyny pracują niezawodnie i zużywają jedynie tyle energii ile jest to niezbędne. Jeśli szukają Państwo najpełniejszej gamy produktów niezawodnego i energooszczędnego smarowania to produkty Trico są idealnym rozwiązaniem dla Państwa...

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  • Products of INTERLUBE Systems Limited

    Products of INTERLUBE Systems Limited

    Kluczowymi produktami INTERLUBE Systems są systemy smarowania samochodów ciężarowych, autobusów, przyczep, dźwigów, maszyn budowlanych i rolniczych oraz systemy smarowania łańcuchów przemysłowych (grawitacyjne oraz natryskowe - ROTALUBE) Jako jedyny producent możemy zaoferować w pełni certyfikowane ATEX wielopunktowe pompy smaru...

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  • Produkty OIL-RITE Corporation

    Produkty OIL-RITE Corporation

    OIL-RITE Corporation Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat. Duis aute irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore eu fugiat nulla pariatur...

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For further assistance please contact us under: +48 660 843 220, or write to:

We guarantee short delivery terms. We are happy to prepare a quote for a specific request. We invite you to contact us, see our detailed offer and placing orders.

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